We sincerely want to thank all of our exhibitors, parents, trainers, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and spectators for such a fantastic show! See you next year!

Western Championship Classes

Western Showmanship (including WT and Pony)

Western Horsemanship (including WT and pony)

Western Pleasure (including WT and pony)

High Point Tie Breaker Rules (for all Championship Classes

Hunter Championship Classes

Hunter Showmanship (including WT and pony)

Hunter Equitation (including WT and pony)

Hunter Under Saddle (including WT and pony)

Western Classes

Western Showmanship (horse, pony, WT)

Western Horsemanship (horse, pony, WT)

Western Pleasure (horse, pony, WT)

Contesting Classes 

Mini Classes

Ranch Classes

Ranch Riding Score Sheets

Trail Classes

Trail Score Sheets (Horse)

Mini High-Point and Reserve

Ranch High-Point and Reserve

Ranch Trail Score Sheets

Reining, W. Riding, EWD

Western Riding Score Sheets

Reining Score Sheets

Trail Score Sheets (WT and Pony)

Contesting High-Point and Reserve

English Classes

Hunter Showmanship

Hunter Equitation

Hunter Under Saddle

Ground Poles, Cross Rails, Beg. Jumper

Beg. Jumper & Hunter Hack Score Sheets

Over Fence Classes

WT Ground Poles & Cross Rails Score Sheets

Fence Classes High-Point & Reserve

Working Hunter & Eq. Over Fences Score Sheets

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