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Block Stall Form

For Groups Needing FOUR Or More Stalls




1.  Please designate ONE person to be the contact person for the GROUP.

2. Enter the number of horse stalls and the number of tack stalls in the appropriate box.


3. Send ONE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER for the entire group.  Payment must be sent with form to reserve stalls…NO EXCEPTIONS.  NO STALLS WILL BE ASSIGNED WITHOUT PAYMENT.  If you are participating in the Ad/Sponsor incentive, you must still pre-pay for your stalls (you will be refunded at the show if you reach the incentive amount).

4. Designate preference(s) of stall area.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your requests.  PLEASE REMEMBER THOUGH THAT THE STALLS ARE ASSIGNED FIRST COME, FIRST PAID FOR!  Once your stalls are assigned there is no room for additions AND you cannot be moved to another area.

5. When class entries are sent in, please have exhibitor clearly indicate that they are to be stalled with “the name of your group”.

6. Please attach a list of ALL exhibitors – names & horses that are to be stabled in your group.  If this list is not included, we cannot guarantee that each exhibitor will be included within the block of stalls. 

7. PORTABLE STALLS: If you desire placement in the portable stalls indicate this on the Block Stall Form. You will first be assigned in the permanent stalls. Should we need portable stalls we will notify you with any stall changes. Portable stalls are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

8. Any groups requiring additional stall or an entire group move after March 24th, 2023, and after submitting a reservation form will be charged an extra fee of 25% of your total stall fee. EXCEPTION: for groups who sent reservations prior to March 24th, 2023 and requested portable stalls. No fee would be charged for the move unless additional stalls are required.

Permanent Stall Map
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